Amsterdam - January 3 2017 - Dutch cycling beer brand à BLOC is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Symbid, an online funding platform providing access to traditional and alternative finance for small and medium-sized enterprises. Their goal is to raise at least €250.000 by the end of January to expand their efforts around the world.

à BLOC has developed an outstanding beer - à BLOC Superprestige Bicycle Beer - with added Alpine Minerals, aimed at cyclists worldwide. It is an unfiltered, unpasteurized natural blond craft beer at 4,9% vol. Cycling is growing exponentially around the world, and the craft beer market continues to expand alongside it. With the à BLOC beer, they combine these two trends to create a new niche fusing the cycling and craft beer markets. The potential is enormous and by doing so they want to create a worldwide cycling community of craft beer and cycling enthusiasts. Co-founders Daan van Well and Martijn Snelder say: “Many people have already tried à BLOC, and the positive response confirms that we are on the right path, so we now want to take the next step and expand globally”.


After a successful inception in the Netherlands, they are taking à BLOC to Australia, Spain and the UK. By starting a crowdfunding campaign they hope to reach their goal. They chose the Symbid platform because of its professionalism and outstanding track record. Furthermore, this platform offers a convertible loan. In the early phases of a new venture, this is a common approach for investors because it is simpler, cheaper and less time-consuming than an equity investment. Also, you can already participate with a relatively low amount. By doing so they created an appealing offer with a solid return on investment

Achievements to date

à BLOC Beer is in production since September 2016. Initial sales exceed expectations. They had a soft-launch in Girona, Spain in October 2016 and successfully launched in the UK in November 2016 at Rouleur Classic, generating lots of demand and many more leads. They are currently brewing the first batch in Australia preparing the launch around the Tour Down Under January 2017. Points of sale are increased on a daily basis.

Lifestyle brand

Performance and challenging each other are some of life’s great experiences. Through them, friendships are forged, especially in cycling. Wherever we ride, we always carry with us a portion of our sports rich legacy. We wait at the top of the climb, and return together, because our performances are of little value if we cannot share our accomplishments with friends. By sharing our stories, our lives are enriched, and bonds strengthened.


à BLOC wants to be where cycling achievements are celebrated and stories are told. It’s made with the finest ingredients, so we can ride again tomorrow, making friendships along the way.

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About à BLOC

Over À BLOC®

À BLOC® is Frans voor ‘volle bak’ een wielerterm die precies weergeeft wat onze ambitie is. Vol gaan voor het beste bier dat we sporters kunnen bieden. À BLOC® brengt sinds 2016 Natural Blonde Beer op de markt in Australië, Zuid-Afrika, Denemarken, Zwitserland, Engeland en Nederland. Een vol, fris blond bier verrijkt zuivere bergmineralen uit de Zwitserse Alpen, en met 4,9 % alcohol.

In de zomer van 2018 introduceert À BLOC® zijn tweede craft beer met Alpine Minerals®: Ultralight IPA, een echte "India Pale Ale" en dus vol van smaak. Maar ook laag in alcohol en calorieën (1,2% en slechts 13 Kcal/ 100 ml) en rijk aan mineralen en daarmee het ultieme sportbier.

Bier is het belangrijkste product van À BLOC®, maar we zijn méér dan een biermerk. Wij geloven dat sportieve prestaties altijd gevierd moeten worden. Bij voorkeur met vrienden. Het beste halen uit jezelf en anderen inspireren dat ook te doen, avontuur beleven en vooral je ervaringen samen delen, ligt aan de basis van alles wat wij doen: “Life is what you make it”.