Craft beer for cyclists raises over €240.000

Amsterdam 8 March 2017 - In their first crowdfunding campaign, Dutch cycling-themed beer brand à BLOC reached and exceeded its target and successfully funded its campaign. With an amount of € 243,500 currently showing on the Symbid platform, and additional funding still being confirmed, the campaign is overfunded by more than 60%.  à BLOC launched their campaign in the beginning of January 2017.

In 2014, Daan van Well and Martijn Snelder began working on a project to develop the perfect beer for cyclists, which has evolved into à BLOC Natural Blonde Beer. An unfiltered, unpasteurized naturally isotonic blond craft beer with Alpine Minerals at 4,9% vol.

Over a period of two months, 105 investors joined the à BLOC peloton and on average invested more than €2,300 per investor. Founders Daan van Well and Martijn Snelder are very happy with the result. Van Well: “Raising money through crowdfunding was a big deal for us and we’re pleased to have been able to mobilise a peloton of over 100 investors and brand ambassadors. We’re grateful for their confidence and for the support for what we’re doing with à BLOC. The funds raised allow us to bring à BLOC to the next level and roll out in the Netherlands, Australia and the United Kingdom as planned.”

During the crowdfunding campaign, à BLOC launched their natural blonde beer in Australia at the Tour Down Under and in the UK during the London Bike Show. Now they are focussing on the development of the distribution network and points of sale in those countries, both online and offline, on trade and off trade.

About à BLOC

The goal of à BLOC is to unite cyclists around the world by celebrating cycling achievements and to create a worldwide cycling community of craft beer and cycling enthusiasts. à BLOC wants to be where cycling achievements are celebrated and stories are told, all around the world. To achieve that, they are developing a range of products, including our craft beer and mineral water, events and challenges.

Our Philosophy

Performance and challenging each other are some of lifes great experiences. Through them, friendships are forged, especially in cycling. Wherever we ride, we always carry with us a portion of our sport’s rich legacy. We wait at the top of the climb and return together because our performances are of little value if we cannot share them with friends. The language of cycling is universal.

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About à BLOC

Craft Beer Made for Cyclists

à BLOC brings together two of our favourite worlds: cycling and craft beer. We blended these and put them in a bottle, creating à BLOC Superprestige Natural Blonde Beer. The recipe has been designed to be the most refreshing post-ride beer you can have. It contains elements of a Pilsner, IPA and Hefeweizen, and the result is a great tasting crisp and refreshing, unfiltered and unpasteurised craft beer, rich in proteins and vitamin B. On top of that, we added Alpine Minerals making à BLOC the perfect beer for after a ride.

We’re both local and global. We created the recipe with our master brewer in The Netherlands, and we work with craft brewers around the world to brew locally with the best ingredients. This enables us to brew our beer close to the cycling communities we serve around the world, making for a better quality beer and reducing transport. We sell online and we want to work with local bike couriers to deliver the beers. It’s a win-win for everyone, and better for our planet!

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We Share The Ride

à BLOC is more than just a beer. Our goal is to unite cyclists around the world and celebrate the beauty of cycling. We believe that performances and challenging each other are some of life’s greatest experiences. Through them, friendships are forged, especially in cycling. We ride hard, but we wait on the top of the climb to return together. So we can share our stories in good company. And with a great beer!

We created the platform to inspire cyclists and facilitate them going with friends to do what we like best: riding our bikes and discovering awesome places. So we’re not just selling beer, we’re creating a worldwide community of like-minded, passionate cyclists.

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