Cycling beer "à BLOC" enters South Africa

Craft beer made for cyclists continues to expand

Amsterdam/Johannesburg (August 28, 2017)— à BLOC today announces that it has struck up a partnership in South Africa to launch its craft beer made for cyclists. This arrangement will make à BLOC’s Superprestige Natural Blonde Beer available to the vibrant South African cycling community. 

Craft Beer Made for Cyclists

à BLOC is made by cyclists for cyclists, and brings together two of the favourite worlds of its founders: cycling and craft beer. They blended these and put them in a bottle, creating à BLOC Superprestige Natural Blonde Beer. The recipe is designed to be the most refreshing post-ride beer you can have. It contains elements of a Pilsner, IPA and Hefeweizen, and the result is a great tasting crisp and refreshing, unfiltered and unpasteurised craft beer, rich in proteins and vitamin B. On top of that, they added Alpine Minerals for better rehydration, making à BLOC the perfect beer for after a ride.


à BLOC in South Africa

The local business is managed by Oscar Koster. Oscar is a Dutch national who has lived and worked in South Africa for over 20 years. He is a passionate cyclist who actively participates in both on and off road cycling events throughout the country on a regular basis. Oscar is a reformed mining engineer, holds a MBA from the Warwick Business school and has a proven track record to convert broad strategies into successful operations on the back of his extensive experience in the fields of general management, operations, marketing and commercial.

A key part of Oscar’s initial focus will be on brand activation and growing the distribution network in South Africa, and it is intended for à BLOC to be available at several cycling hotspots and online by mid-November. As from 1 November, à BLOC Superprestige Natural Blonde Beer will be available on-line through League of Beers. Thereafter it will be rolled out to several cycling hotspots.

Daan van Well, CEO and co-founder of à BLOC: "South Africa has a unique cycling community and is often cited as the MTB capital of the world. The country hosts some of the world's most legendary races, for road and mountain bike and gravel. Beers and braaivlees is an integral part of South African culture and matches perfectly with the spirit of à BLOC to celebrate cycling achievements with others. The craft beer industry in SA is experiencing double digit growth and the cycling scene in particular has a strong appreciation of quality craft brews. With Oscar on board, we cannot think of better conditions for the introduction of à BLOC to the South African market".

Oscar Koster, Directeur Sportif South Africa: “Cycling in South Africa is all about riding through our beautiful country under the warm African sun. Whether on or off road, you’re bound to work up a good thirst in the process. Post ride beers and war stories are an integral part of the South African cycling culture and à BLOC is the perfect companion for this. I am thrilled to be part of the international à BLOC peloton and afford South African cyclists the opportunity to become part of this world wide community of craft beer and cycling enthusiasts.”


After Europe and Australia, the launch in South Africa marks the third continent for à BLOC.




À bloc is Frans voor ‘volle bak’ een wielerterm die precies weergeeft wat onze ambitie is. Vol gaan voor het beste bier dat we sporters kunnen bieden. ABLOC™ heeft als missie wereldwijd ‘The Ultimate Sports Beer’ te zijn. Een bier dat weinig of geen alcohol bevat voor sportieve, actieve mensen die van een goed glas bier houden maar fit en scherp willen blijven.

Bij ABLOC™ vinden we sport een ideale manier om je leven te verrijken. Via sport haal je het beste uit jezelf en anderen naar boven. Via sport ontmoet je mensen en maak je vrienden. Via sport kom je op plaatsen die je anders niet ontdekt zou hebben.

Iedere sporter weet dat goede voorbereiding, toewijding, voeding en goed materiaal het verschil maken om optimaal te kunnen presteren. Daarom maken wij ons bier met de beste ingrediënten. In al ons bier zijn bovendien Alpine Minerals® verwerkt, voor een betere hydratatie en unieke smaak. Dat maakt ABLOC™ niet alleen het beste bier voor actieve mensen, maar eigenlijk voor iedereen die van een mooi gebrouwen licht bier houdt.

ABLOC brengt verschillende soorten craft beer op de markt: Pro Zero (alcolholvrij), Ultralight IPA (1,2%), Session Blonde (2,8%) en Natural Blonde (4,9%).