à BLOC to launch in the UK

London, 1 February 2018 - à BLOC today announced that it will launch its craft beer made for cyclists in Great Britain in February 2018 after a successful year of sampling at selected cycling events and venues.

à BLOC Natural Blonde Beer is brewed locally in the UK and available in bottles, cans and kegs. Operations will be led by Alistair Stirling, General Manager. A key part of Alistair’s initial focus will be on activation and growing the distribution network in the UK, with the goal to connect à BLOC with key resale opportunities nationally. Alistair brings impressive career experience to the table. His accomplishments span UK retail and wholesale organisations, including the Coop, Asda & Woodward Foodservice, and STM Procurement managing UK sales development for smaller brands in challenging sectors.

Daan van Well, Directeur Sportif/CEO and co-founder: “I’m very excited to finally launch à BLOC in the United Kingdom and make our beer available to a wider group of cycling enthusiasts. Popularity of cycling is still on the rise and we've seen last year that the British cycling community is ready for à BLOC Natural Blonde Beer.

Alistair Sterling, General Manager UK: "My focus will be to establish a strong network of wholesalers throughout the UK, ensuring pubs & cafes in all regions have access to à BLOC. We aim for à BLOC Natural Blonde Beer to be available in pubs and on shelves throughout the United Kingdom just before the start of the cycling season

After The Netherlands, Australia, South Africa and Denmark, the launch in the UK marks the fifth country where à BLOC is distributed. À BLOC is currently brewed by 4 craft breweries on 3 different continents in Europe, Australia, and Africa all according to the same recipe and with added Alpine Minerals.


About à BLOC

Craft Beer Made for Cyclists

à BLOC brings together two of our favourite worlds: cycling and craft beer. We blended these and put them in a bottle, creating à BLOC Superprestige Natural Blonde Beer. The recipe has been designed to be the most refreshing post-ride beer you can have. It contains elements of a Pilsner, IPA and Hefeweizen, and the result is a great tasting crisp and refreshing, unfiltered and unpasteurised craft beer, rich in proteins and vitamin B. On top of that, we added Alpine Minerals making à BLOC the perfect beer for after a ride.

We’re both local and global. We created the recipe with our master brewer in The Netherlands, and we work with craft brewers around the world to brew locally with the best ingredients. This enables us to brew our beer close to the cycling communities we serve around the world, making for a better quality beer and reducing transport. We sell online and we want to work with local bike couriers to deliver the beers. It’s a win-win for everyone, and better for our planet!

More about the beer at www.abloc.beer

We Share The Ride

à BLOC is more than just a beer. Our goal is to unite cyclists around the world and celebrate the beauty of cycling. We believe that performances and challenging each other are some of life’s greatest experiences. Through them, friendships are forged, especially in cycling. We ride hard, but we wait on the top of the climb to return together. So we can share our stories in good company. And with a great beer!

We created the wesharetheride.com platform to inspire cyclists and facilitate them going with friends to do what we like best: riding our bikes and discovering awesome places. So we’re not just selling beer, we’re creating a worldwide community of like-minded, passionate cyclists.

More about our community at www.wesharetheride.com