Sports beer À BLOC to enter Swiss Market

Made in Switzerland - Craft beer for cyclists expands its international presence

Lausanne – June 13, 2018. À BLOC today officially announces a partnership with Swiss craft brewery Brasserie du Jorat to launch its craft beer in Switzerland. Brasserie du Jorat is a well-established craft brewer in the vicinity of Lausanne, the Olympic capital since 1994, and host city of many international sports federations. Swiss made À BLOC beer is available within Switzerland as of June 15, 2018, coinciding with the Tour de Suisse, where many of the worlds top cyclists and teams will compete including Geneva-based Team KATUSHA ALPECIN, of which À BLOC is an official partner.


Born out of a passion for cycling and quality beer, À BLOC combines two of its founders’ favourite worlds: cycling and craft beer. The recipes are designed to be the most refreshing and crisp post-ride beers available, with added Alpine Minerals for better rehydration. Brasserie du Jorat will be brewing, in Switzerland, À BLOC Natural Blonde Beer, an unfiltered refreshing beer containing elements of a Hefeweizen wheat beer and pilsner (4.9% Alc); and the new Ultralight IPA, a real IPA but with only 1.2% alcohol and ultra low in calories, yet full in flavour.


Brasserie du Jorat was founded in 2006 by Raoul Gendroz, and was recently taken over by Henri Jung and Alexandre Clerc, with a long-term vision to grow the business with Raoul’s team, bringing Brasserie du Jorat to the next level. Henri and Alexandre started their collaboration in 1999 at Kronenbourg Switzerland, where they successfully brought various Kronenbourg brands to the Swiss market. Later on they also worked together for Carlsberg Switzerland. Henri Jung, 54, has a rich and varied career in marketing and management. Alexandre Clerc, 46, brings not only finance and business administration skills, but also an extensive knowledge of the Swiss beer market. 


Daan van Well, founder and CEO of À BLOC: "Switzerland sets the ideal scene for À BLOC. Sports and active outdoor life are an integral part of the Swiss culture, and every year many tourists come to visit the Swiss alps, both in summer and in winter. We are extremely pleased to be partnering with Henri and Alexandre and their skilled team of Brasserie du Jorat. They provide a wealth of experience in the Swiss beer market, and a genuine passion for quality craft beer and we are proud to be brewing À BLOC in Switzerland with the team of brasserie du Jorat."


Henri Jung, co-owner of Brasserie du Jorat: "À BLOC is a perfect addition to the product range of Brasserie du Jorat, and is a perfect fit with our expansion strategy in Switzerland. We are thrilled to be part of the international À BLOC family and are keen to bring À BLOC to athletes and beer lovers in our magnificent country and we can’t wait to see them enjoying their Swiss made À BLOC after their ride, run, ski or match. Or just at a mountain picnic or a barbeque with friends!


After the Netherlands, Australia, South Africa, the UK and Denmark, the Swiss market will be the sixth country where À BLOC is distributed. À BLOC is currently brewed by 5 craft breweries on 3 different continents (Europe, Australia, and Africa), all according to the same recipe and with added Alpine Minerals.





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À bloc is Frans voor ‘volle bak’ een wielerterm die precies weergeeft wat onze ambitie is. Vol gaan voor het beste bier dat we sporters kunnen bieden. ABLOC™ heeft als missie wereldwijd ‘The Ultimate Sports Beer’ te zijn. Een bier dat weinig of geen alcohol bevat voor sportieve, actieve mensen die van een goed glas bier houden maar fit en scherp willen blijven.

Bij ABLOC™ vinden we sport een ideale manier om je leven te verrijken. Via sport haal je het beste uit jezelf en anderen naar boven. Via sport ontmoet je mensen en maak je vrienden. Via sport kom je op plaatsen die je anders niet ontdekt zou hebben.

Iedere sporter weet dat goede voorbereiding, toewijding, voeding en goed materiaal het verschil maken om optimaal te kunnen presteren. Daarom maken wij ons bier met de beste ingrediënten. In al ons bier zijn bovendien Alpine Minerals® verwerkt, voor een betere hydratatie en unieke smaak. Dat maakt ABLOC™ niet alleen het beste bier voor actieve mensen, maar eigenlijk voor iedereen die van een mooi gebrouwen licht bier houdt.

ABLOC brengt verschillende soorten craft beer op de markt: Pro Zero (alcolholvrij), Ultralight IPA (1,2%), Session Blonde (2,8%) en Natural Blonde (4,9%).